July’s Photo Scavenger Hunt

With apologies for the tardiness of this message, here are my July Scavenger Hunt Photos…

  1. Reflections. I love how the sea, particularly when it is still and calm, reflects the sky. Sometimes to such an extent it is hard to see where one ends and another begins.



2. Stripe. Continuing the maritime theme, here are the intriguing and fragmented stripes created by the sea leaving the sand.


3. Secret. I do love the silhouettes of grasses and wildflowers and we are so lucky around here to be surrounded by wonderful meadows and hedgerows that are particularly splendid at this time of year. Bit of a tenuous connection to ‘secret’ though in that I’ve taken it from an angle which suggests a view that must I think be quite secret and only really seen by very teeny tiny beings…


4. Red. A tractor spotted in a farmyard on a lovely walk recently. Faded splendour.


5. Contrast. I’ve been noticing lately that a lot of the Cow Parsley around here have most flower heads still in flower with just one on each stalk turned to seed. Tried, unsuccessfully, to find out why this is. Anyone know?! As well as providing a stunning summery lace backdrop for our hedgerows it creates a lovely contrast photo for this category.


6. Forgotten. This was a lovely little harbour on Arran and it had some very photogenic boats in it. Among it was this one, which looked rather forlorn, sad and forgotten. I don’t think it would take much to get its sparkle back though…


7. Soft. If you’ve never walked barefoot on a bed of sphagnum moss, do try it sometime. Love the little twinkly white flower stars dotted around this patch.

IMG_3361 (1)

8. Cold. A very cold, but very exhilarating, climb up Pen y Ghent earlier this year. The sort of walk that blows a few cobwebs away!


9. Seat. Oh no! A confession here. Some mental wires got a little mixed up here and category 9. Seat somehow manifested itself in my thinking as 9. Gate. So, here is a picture of the gate, which if it’s ok with you all I’m still putting in as it was a a spot pretty much half way round walking the Yorkshire three peaks in one day recently. I did sit on the ground to take the picture and, having walked about 12 miles with nearly another 13 to go, it was a very welcome seat! Does this count?! Sorry – will check next time!

IMG_3474 (2)

10. My own choice. Nearly put this one in for stripe. It is looking vertically down from a jetty by the sea onto the top of a wooden post that looks like it has been sea-worn for so long the grain of the wood has become really distinct. I loved the patterns, textures and colours in the post, the iron attachment and the seaweed covered rocks surrounding it.



8 thoughts on “July’s Photo Scavenger Hunt

  1. Beautiful photos! Better late than never my dear sweet lady 🙂 I know you are a busy bee, will be in contact soon xxxx


  2. Lovely photos and do love the last one and also your “seat” as you could sit on top of it and admire the view. What a great challenge to put the sparkle back into that boat and get out on the water. Hmmm! Take care and can’t wait to see your next lot.


  3. Fabulous photos; such great interpretations of Hawthorn’s words. So hard to pick my favourite one but I will go for Your Own Choice.


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