June’s scavenger hunt

So, here goes. Photos inspired by words. Words inspired by photos…

1. Stone. I can’t remember what this particular rock formation is called, but we all felt it was pretty spectacular. If you’ve not been to Brimham Rocks, do go; it’s a geology-themed playground on a large and awe-inspiring scale.

1. Stone


2. View. Ah, my favourite of the Yorkshire three peaks, Pen y Ghent, seen from a hazy distance on a very lovely early morning walk over the hills to Litton. Couldn’t have been a better day. Wall to wall blue sky, skylarks dropping their liquid velvet down from high above and wispy inversions sitting in the valleys. Bliss.

2. View2

3. Sky. Sitting in my bedroom window seat on a balmy summer solstice evening. Despite rather unseasonal weather generally, the sky pulled out all the stops that evening.

3. Sky

4. Trees. Can’t think what to say about this one, other than there are so many to choose from. Trees, as well as images of trees, of course! Love the colours, shapes and patterns of this one though.


4. Trees

5. Water. From a very happy (and soggy) family holiday trip to the gardens at Anwick Castle.

5. Water.JPG

6. Dwelling. Came across this abandoned farmstead on the previously mentioned Langcliffe-Litton walk. Stunningly located in a hidden fold in the hills, it drew me in with the romance of its history and its air of both homeliness and sadness. What stories could its walls tell? On the first walk, I saw only the outline of the barns, the windowless back of the house and the yard walls, and a companion teased, ‘you want to live there don’t you?’ I returned one evening after work ready to clamber over walls and gates to get photographs and scared myself, noticing trampled paths in the grass heading to the door and an upstairs shutter removed, imagining all sorts of Dickensian villains hiding inside. Maybe I’ll go back in company next time…

6. Dwelling

7. Garden. With gratitude for a very dear friend who leaves magic in the form of plants on my doorstep and enhances the view from my tree stump seat for morning coffee, which was already pretty special.

7. Garden

8.. Gate. Visited a wonderful exhibition in Keswick Museum celebrating the life and work of the unique legend that was Alfred Wainwright. Two things stood out. 1. That Keswick Museum & Art Gallery is well worth a visit – they have a room that is like the Natural History Museum in miniature and in which we easily whiled away at least an hour and a half before even thinking of moving on to the room containing the main reason for our visit. 2. Having experienced the uncanny accuracy of a Wainwright mountaintop view drawing when set against the actual view from a mountaintop, I was already a fan. However, this sensitive, interesting and extensive collection about his life and work led to renewed admiration of his doggedness in pursuit of a goal and his skill with a pen. His words are poetic and amusing and his drawings are absolutely astonishing. Go, if you can.

8. Gate

9. Leaf. I’m sorry, I couldn’t choose only one.

9. Leaf collage

10. My own choice. An old photo this, from Glasgow’s GoMA, the Gallery of Modern Art. Another place well worth a visit. The piece of prose written with yellow sticky tape is I feel particularly poignant right now. I wish I had taken a close up of what the text on the sticky tape said.

10. Own choice

Thank you, namaste and shalom.


8 thoughts on “June’s scavenger hunt

  1. What a wonderful lot of photos and glad you joined in, as Yorkshire is a place I love although I don’t live there. Abandoned buildings seem good for dwellings & another I like are your leaves. Thanks and take care.


  2. Great to see photos of my own stamping ground. Not been to Brimham Rocks yet so must make an effort. This is my favourite photo too. The sad dwelling needs some TLC but I have neither the time, money, inclination or skills!


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