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  1. Lovely photographs – even if you’re onloy using a phone you are capturing some beautiful shots. I hope you will keep blogging – I’ve been doing it for years and still enjoy it.


  2. The Rock Image is Amazing… Love the Water one, such Joy… and that Dwelling one, I too want to Rescue it and Live there, you made me smile about your hesitation to go in alone, I’ve done that many times myself and it’s so hard to resist the Urge to want to see inside but not know what might be lurking and the Imagination is conjuring up!? *LOL*… Blessings from the Arizona Desert… Dawn… The Bohemian


    1. Oh dear, I’ve just got to an email with your comment on, which looks like I’ve not yet approved it and I am REALLY sorry it looks like I’ve been ignoring you! Not intentional at all and comment now duly approved! Thank you also for your kind, lovely words and empathy with the curiosity/trepidation inner conflict – nice to know it happens to others too. Am hopping over to explore your spot…


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